Highlight reel of last week's opening reception for #DasGrosseGranteln. Probs to @meta.peta for doing a killer job at filming and editing this beauty! Go to www.granteln.de to see the full video. We also added a full gallery with all 30 final poster designs. {Don't you dare click on that beer coaster!} The group show was a bigger success than any of us could have ever imagined! Thanks to the hundreds of people who came out to see what we've been working on for the past months! Much love to @subucoola for the live screen printing extravaganza, to Dirk Diggler for serving the funk straight from Berlin and to the staff at @galerie_eisdiele for working their butts off and holding it down despite running out of beer by 11pm! A special thank you to all 29 illustrators for being a part of this weird little project and for showing that Nuremberg has more to offer than toys and bratwurst! Let's do it all over again next year, okay?! Our exhibition will be up for another three weeks — and we're still selling prints. Please stop by if you're in the city!

Das große Grantln